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OnePlus Nord N20 back - bracelets femme

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We are happy to present an upcoming OnePlus Nord N20 5G in aluminum dummy, thanks to our collaboration with the known leaker David from @xleaks7.

The new design of mid-ranger has changed a lot from its predecessor. You can see that the new design is more squarish, similar to iPhone 12-13 series.

The back of the smartphone has a camera module divided into two circles. It's still unclear if OnePlus company uses multiple lenses within one circle or one large lens per circle, similar to what Sony has been doing for its new devices.

Also, there will be a sensor and flash light outside of those circles.


OnePlus Nord N20 5G front - bracelets femme


The front has slightly rounded edges while the back is completely flat. Based on David's source, there will be a punch-hole camera in top left corner, thin bezels with pretty thick chin, similar to what we have on OnePlus Nord N10.

Oneplus Nord N20 5G - bracelets femme

The right side has a power button while left side comes with volume buttons. You see for picture above how flat the back and slightly rounded front are.


Oneplus Nord N20 5G - bracelets femme


The bottom comes with speaker grill, USB Type-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack. OnePlus company decided to make 3.5mm jack on N20 as part of tech users still use wired headphones. Although, more and more tech brands release smartphones without such port, even Google Pixel 6a comes without 3.5mm jack. If you missed our Google Pixel 6a leak, you can still access it here.



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