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Google Pixel 6a - mens bracelets

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to show you an upcoming Google Pixel 6a in aluminum dummy phone, thanks to our collaboration to David from @xleaks7. 

Many people haven't probably expected such a huge design change for lower-cost Google's device - Pixel 6a however that's how a new device is going to look.

As you see, Pixel 6a will have a horizontal back camera module similar to those on Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. The module will have dual-lens camera and flash light.


Google Pixel 6a bottom - mens bracelets


The bottom is pretty standard for Google smartphones, speaker grills on both sides, and USB Type-C port.


Google Pixel 6a screen - mens bracelets


The front will have punch-hole camera and on-screen touch id. It's likely that Pixel 6a will have pretty thick bezels and chin similar to ones on Pixel 6.


Google Pixel 6a side - mens bracelets


As for sides, there will be volume and power on the right side. Apart from its unique design, Google Pixel is going to be pretty thick which may be a big "no" for some tech users.

Also, according to rumors, Google company is planning to release it's first Pixel Watch in 2022. Fathom Bracelets will be offering unique straps / bracelets for smartwatches for both men and women so stay tuned!



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