Our Story



A long time ago, my partner and I came up with the idea of creating wristbands that tell a story. Inspired by sea, we designed bracelets that portray the feelings, inspiration and emotions we have when sailing.


Sailing forges a connection, elegance in its simplicity, with a rolling past forever each moment. We tried to create a bracelet which reflects these feelings and characteristics.

As a key inspiration we have chosen paracord and thimble, which are sailing attributes. We spent a lot of time creating the thimble design, as we wanted to create something unique, that you haven't seen before.
We have created an abstract idea of the sea, not literal, but very hidden – and even our name 'Fathom' means '6 feet', a sailing attribute. And, you may notice the names of our bracelets are related to the world’s busiest sailing ports.


We decided to use different materials and thimble colours, so every person can find exactly what he likes and what reflects his personality the most. We use only high quality materials, and our leather and suede cord looks even better with time.
We also wanted to make them very stylish as well as very conceptual, and I believe our bracelets have an amazing combination of style and concept. 

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